Celebrating 5 years of marriage! Whistler style.

Wow, 5 years of marriage can go by quickly!

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It is becoming more and more obvious why many elders say, “Slow down! Before you know it, life will pass you by!” That is also why, my husband and I went away for a few days to enjoy the beautiful outdoors that British Columbia has to offer us, and slow down temporarily. Whistler was the perfect choice.

I was very excited to listen to some of our favorite tunes to drive up to Whistler for our 5th year wedding anniversary this past BC Day long weekend. Unfortunately, our drive was not as picture perfect as usual due to the smoke from our recent BC forest fires. Nonetheless, we wanted to relax. But of course, not surprisingly, that was hard for us both, even on vacation!

Here are some personal snapshots from our mini-trip to Whistler:

Yes, I brought my camera on vacation so naturally I couldn’t help to take photos! Above you can see a few of my favorite images from the little mini photo session I staged with my amazing husband. This man somehow convinces me to get out of my comfort zone and to face my fear of heights. Well, to be more precise, the fear of falling! Like most intermediate hikes in BC, it is pretty much a requirement to look down at some portion of the hike, to discover how far down the cliff goes! So, since I am risking my life to see these falls, of course I asked husband to be my improv photographer/model for the rest of the day. “Just click the shutter babe, it’s ready to go!” I say… “Am I in focus?” lol! The things we do for our spouses right?! Brandywine Falls really is stunning! Worth the hike down. To see the falls up close will really take your breathe away!

There is an IMPORTANT message I should mention about visiting Brandywine Falls. Before you venture off to hike down to the bottom of the falls, take note that you may receive a fine of $115.oo {Canadian dollars} if you are caught down there! There is a sign up just past the main viewpoint at the top stating so. Be careful my fellow photo adventure seekers!

Next, the day the relaxation time actually begins… please take me back… it is never long enough…

Whistler’s Scandinave Spa is unbelievable. From the cozy welcoming entrance, the cold/hot baths, the yummy cafe and bistro bites, to the calming (silence) embrace. The whole experience is so peaceful. For those that like to chat at the spa, do be aware that this spa is made for silence and to enjoy peace and quite. Please don’t follow my rebellious decision to capture my experience. Put those cell phones and cameras away to fully be in the moment. Most folks at the spa are so quite and listen!

Look at this place!!! Sun, rain, or snow, the Scandinave Spa is gorgeous. This photo doesn’t show you everything my eyes saw in front of me but try to use your imagination and picture a true escape from your daily routine. There is no doubt we will be back again one day. Thank you Whistler!

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