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Blogging. Photography. Editing. Family time. Netflix and chilling (and by this, I am actually referring to my husband and I chilling on the couch watching Netflix folks!).  This is my life. A photographer’s life.

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Dear my wonderful clients,

But which would I rather do? Of course, pretty much every photographer on the planet would answer the same, anything else besides blogging! Although, blogging is also very important in a photography business. It has been proven to help small businesses on so many levels. Who doesn’t love to see gorgeous images as well? I’d love to share some! Sparrow Photography wants you to see her work. Blogging has to be done for that to happen! So now that we have hit August of 2017 ALREADY, I am going to make it known that this is a vow to my audience to push through the craziness and blog anyways! Regardless, of what may be in my calendar. You deserve it! What client doesn’t want to see his or her photos blogged! It is so fun to say, that “I was blogged today!” Even photographers love to say it too! A challenge that I am excited to take on going forward. If so many momtrepreneurs can do it, then well I don’t have any excuses now do I.
Please check back to the blog soon as I plan to play a little game of catch up to update the blog more regularly. Looking forward to posting your images soon! In the meantime, let’s take a trip down memory lane when Sparrow Photography was featured on last year. When you archive a feature on a blog of this caliber if it contagious. Here is more pretty and fun features in 2017!

Thank you so much for your continuous interest and support. Being able to photograph beautiful faces during some of the most unforgettable moments in your lives has been incredible!


Vienna Sparrow

Feature credits:

Photographer: Sparrow Photography Event Planner/designer: JEvents Decor: Eclat Decor The Cross Decor & Design Makeup: Jasmine Hoffman Hair: CandiceStyles Flowers: Vivio Flowers Female Model: Sanam Male Model: Ian Cake: The Cake & The Giraffe Jewelry: Elsa Corsi Dress: Little Pink Dress Stationary: Maurelle Stationary & Design Shoes: Jimmy Choo

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