Rocky Point Museum Engagement Port Moody

Mary and Ryan – Rocky Point Museum Engagement Port Moody

Some people love to run for health reasons, some run for stress relief and some, like our lovely couple below, Mary and Ryan loved to run for a beer, and to socialize with a fun group of people! Little did they know that their casual weekly runs together would soon turn into a terrific love story. The connection between Mary and Ryan was insist. Being able to enjoy the great outdoors, new sights and adventures, and of course some new breweries often, definitely made life more exciting for these two.

Ryan proposed to Mary during their first trip to Europe together in the beautiful city of Morocco. With Morocco’s vibrant sunsets, yummy Moroccan cuisine, and its historic art and adorable camels who wouldn’t want to take the next step with the one you love right!?

Mary and Ryan made it officially this past July and held their ceremony at St. Micheal Parish Catholic church with a lovely mass and so many smiles. Then, they were able to replace their runners after the ceremony for their dancing shoes and celebrate (and by celebrate I mean, drink, dance and be merry!) their reception at Horizons Restaurant in Burnaby, up at Burnaby Mountain. I can’t wait to share more images from their sweet and fun wedding gallery soon!

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