Welcome to my very first blog post EVER on the new Sparrow Photography website! With 2016 being such a great year already I am so happy to launch the new site at the beginning of spring, I mean, April is the month of beautiful blooms and family get together for Easter. A great time of year! This is such an amazing way to share with you all of the on-going experiences that will take place with, first and foremost, Sparrow Photography, and you’ll get to see a little bit into my fabulous personal life too. Get ready everyone!

As for my first post, let me introduce myself in some more detail! My name is Vienna Sparrow and, yes you guessed it, that’s where the name Sparrow Photography came from. To be fair, I must say that even before I got married and changed my last name, you would rarely not see me with a camera in hand of some sort.

As a young girl, I grew up in a small family and was very shy. I knew I had an artistic flare from a young age but it was not until after high school when I began to realize how much photography helped me express myself. I also have been in front of the camera before when I dabbled into some modelling. It was an incredible confident booster and helped grow my true talent. My past work experience as a photo lab technician has given me the skills to notice the beautiful natural colours all around us, and to build on my sentiment for photography.

I live in breath-taking Burnaby, B.C. Canada just outside of Vancouver with my talented Personal Trainer and Kinesiologist husband. Both of us are huge animal lovers and for his birthday present this year I surprised my husband with the cutest gift ever! The most adorable Australian Shepherd puppy in the world. His name is Koby. He is definitely Sparrow Photography’s new muse! I do also look forward to building a family together within the next few years so I will be able to capture our own personal precious moments.

Every person deserves to feel the way you do when you dig up a dusty old photograph from your past. This feeling could be of warmth, joy, or it could be bittersweet but it will automatically consume you in that moment. We can make that happen together for the future (your future) by booking with Sparrow Photography! That’s it. Picture it!

“Believe me when I say, it’s not about your scares…it’s all about your heart.”

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