Valentine’s Day Boudoir Marathon

Don’t miss your chance to be fiercely feminine and to let yourself be completely sexy. A Valentine’s Day  Boudoir Marathon session is the ticket! Boudoir, is pronounced “boo-dwahr” or if you are feeling fancy “boo-dwa”. While the term boudoir is French for bedroom, now a days it describes a variety of things including furniture, clothing and a genre of photography. As a boudoir photographer my style tends to be feminine, flirty and romantic. I will always create a fun and laid back environment and provide you with classy images that reveal your feminine side. Each session is catered to your personality. The tone can range from sweetly delicate to fiercely sexy, depending on what you are looking for. See below what is all included in your session…

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A boudoir photography session is not always, but can be a once in a lifetime experience. It’s something you should plan for well in advance, just as you would for any special occasion. There’s many reasons why women choose to do boudoir photography:

  • – To use photographs as a gift for a significant other.
  • – Brides looking for a unique gift to surprise the groom.
  • – To celebrate a milestone – like a 30th, 40th or even 60th birthday.
  • – Mothers-to-be looking to document their pre-baby body.
  • – As a gift for a lover on Valentine Day!
  • – Or simply just to remind yourself that you’ve still got that sassy side in you

With all the daily tasks women face – life gets pretty hectic! I truly feel that every woman deserves to take a break from the hustle of life, be a little selfish, indulge and do something totally outside of your comfort zone!

On Sunday, February 4th, your Valentine’s Day session for $399.00 your will include:

Please note: A Boudoir Marathon session is discounted only for the marathon day, feel free to reach out to Sparrow Photography, if this date doesn’t work for you, to receive the standard pricing. Thank you!

Email to book your Valentine’s Day Boudoir Marathon session before all spaces are filled. Feel free to ask any questions or concerns you may have as well. Can’t wait to capture your beauty inside and out!


Vienna Sparrow

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