Ulterior Motif Art Exhibition

On November 9th, I took part in the Ulterior Motif art exhibition in Vancouver. Ulterior Motif is a photography series based around women’s alter egos; an ego that has been suppressed, that is yet unknown, that we want to fulfill, a dream, or a manifestation of our concentrated self – one that we choose to not show out of fear, lack of confidence, or restrictions within our society.

Wow, what a show!

I am so happy to say that we were able to raise thousands for the Beauty Night Society. A wonderful non-profit organization that focuses on building self-esteem to help change the lives of women and youth in poverty for the better.

May I introduce the ladies’ alter egos…

Model: Tonia Matta – Founder of Yuology (the study of you)

IMG 9039 Avangeline

Her gift is being a humble care giver. Always exuding compassion, love, simplicity, grace, radiance and presence. She gives love effortlessly and is surrounded by it. She’s pure and doesn’t worry. She travels the world giving, being compassion wherever she is, and to every person she interacts with. She’s not concerned about image, jewelry, makeup – she doesn’t try to be noticed. Her essence and purity draw people in, quietly. This is Avangeline.

IMG 9553 Lola

She is  bold, confident, sexual, dominant, expressive, and very independent. She doesn’t care about anyone’s opinion about her. Her sexuality and dominance demands attention without saying a word. This is Lola.

IMG 9642 Satya
Indian is her heritage. Meaning she is ordained in jewels, makeup, a sari, everything her culture expects from her. She is restricted, constrained to be who she is, she has a sense of sadness and disappointment, knowing that she isn’t letting out the woman she was born to be. On the outside she looks beautiful, stunning, out of a Bollywood magazine, and inside she yearns to let herself out to the world. She’s abiding by cultural expectations and who she needs to be to be accepted. This is Satya.

Model: Jenny Lea – Vocals & Keys of live electronic band IMUR

IMG 8640 Charlie

She is a musician and a writer.  She is free-spirited.  She exudes beauty, confidence, and compassion.  She is not afraid to dream big, but follows through with hard work and dedication, inspiring all of those that cross her path. She is brave, poetic, creative, and authentic.  She encourages rather than competes.  She knows exactly what her purpose is and lives unapologetically. This is Charlie.

IMG 8759 Layla

She grew up with very strong curiosities.  She developed a sexual appetite at a very early age.  She was always very secretive about her endeavors, as her peers did not engage in the same type of behaviors.  As she got older she wanted freedom, became more expressive, more open, and strived hard to feel no shame.  She loves lingerie, lacey garments that make her feel sexy and desirable.  She loves to tempt and tease. She is well aware of the power that her sexuality holds. This is Layla.

IMG 8967 Sam

She is constantly in the grips of alcohol.  Took her years to finally recognize her negligent behaviors negative impact, her misuse, and dependent issues with the vice. Daily, she mourns the death of her relationship with booze, the elatio it would provide her, the temporary vacation from reality, the ability to escape her thoughts and feelings.  She is sad, but she is strong and knows that things will get better. This is Sam.

Thank you to the presenter/organizer/model Annie Cranfield for everything and to the gorgeous models that I was so fortunate enough to photograph for this project, Tonia Mattu, and Jenny Lea.

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