Thanksgiving weekend - It was full of wonderful moments at my mom’s new place where she hosted the turkey dinner and we all enjoyed our time together.

Moments like this make me realize that it is so important to capture my personal family moments too. Sometimes I forget to photograph my own personal life because I tend to get wrapped up and am very focused on my clients. I am so thankful to have learned to create a balance and to still enjoy each and every moment, no matter what I am doing or where I am.

May you all have enjoyed family and friends this weekend and felt thankful for all you hold dear.

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

PS. The little white fur baby is Cuddles! She is the newest addition to my aunt and uncles’ home. Isn’t she previous?! Our big Aussie puppy Koby is pretty darn cute too (I am bias as he is my fur baby), I can’t believe he will be a year next month!

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